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Shipra Institute of Language (SIL) is one of the most dynamic institutes that impart wonderfully organized and highly professional lessons in English. We train our students as per their requirements of English language and focus to meet with their requirements in utmost perfection. We teach English speaking in natural way without imposing too much grammatical burden on the students. Our highly qualified faculty pays individual attention to the weak students to boost their confidence so as to get best possible results.

SIL was established by Mr. Jagdish Ujjain in 1992 in East Delhi.With his passionate enthusiasm and untiring efforts, he made English easy to learn for SIL students.The effective techniques applied by SIL in order to train the students in English, set it apart from other English teaching institutes.

SIL has set a benchmark by training English learners to speak English fluently and to do tremendously well in academic English and score brilliant marks, to face English in competitive exams and get selected in their desired profession. Thousands of our students have shaped their career in various fields on the base of effective English. We have been dedicated to imparting quality English education to ensure our students sure success in shaping their career.

Why English

In my opinion, interest inspires you to learn anything quickly and to create interest, it is necessary to know the importance of that particular thing you are going to learn. So before you go ahead to achieve your goal of speaking fluent English, it would be immensely important for you to be aware as to why English is necessary to learn in the modern world. The importance of English can't be denied in today's world of globalization and growing competition.English being a global language helps you succeed in this globalized world.English is not only spoken in India but also abroad; this is the most commonly used language.In India English is used as a medium of instruction in schools & collages. Most of the books on science, medicine, business, literature & engineering etc. are available only in English language.

It would not be wrong to state that English has become a symbol of educated class.Good knowledge of English is utmost important when it comes to getting placement in not only national, multinational companies but also private sector and government jobs.In short, if you want to get tremendous success in any field, be it business, getting jobs or developing personality, proficiency in English will prove invaluable for you.English has become the most popular language of communication. So it is imperative to have a command over English language otherwise you will lag behind.

Sit and think for a while!

Can you speak English, if 'yes' to what extent, if 'no'   Can you survive without effective English in this world of growing competition ?‚Äč

Is not having fluency your problem?

Is hesitation your headache?

Are you scared of speaking English with unfamiliar people?

Do you try to speak a few sentences in English then come back to Hindi?

Is your vocabulary not good?

Does your English sound ordinary?

Don't you use impressive expressions in your spoken English?

Do you first think in Hindi before you speak English?

Is your confidence very low while speaking English?

Is your tongue not properly twisted & you get stuck while speaking English?

Is your pronunciation not so effective?

Do you understand foreign accent?

No matter what your problems are related to English, we have the solution of all your problems.

English for




Special batches for kids & housewives.

English Speaking Course

Spoken English


Our Foundation Programme is designed for the beginners who have either little knowledge of English or have no knowledge at all.

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Spoken English


This programme is designed for those who have acquired basic knowledge of English but find English difficult to speak.

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Spoken English

Advance Course

Advance Programme is meant for the students who have crossed foundation and intermediate levels and are quite good at basic structures of English and vocabulary.

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