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205 Amazing Sentences for Daily Use


English being the global language fascinates everyone. The magic of English attracts and inspires the people all over the world to learn this language. Having a good command over spoken English is the dream of almost all the people. Command over spoken English develops your personality and creates innumerous opportunities to achieve instant success. In modern world, no matter how well qualified you are, without good spoken English your other qualifications are not valued that much. Everyone has a desire to speak English fluently however; their method of learning spoken English is perhaps not so effective. Most of the learners start learning spoken English through English grammar but I'm afraid it is not the natural way to learn spoken English.

One learns to speak his or her native language without learning any grammar. Little chidren speak and understand their mother tongue even before they go to school though they don't know ABC of grammar of that language. The language that is spoken in our surroundings is automatically learnt to speak and understand. No one joins any institute in order to learn his native language but non-native learners of a language do.

So cramming words and rules of grammar doesn't serve your purpose of speaking English fluently. Those who learn English through grammar find themselves tongue-tied.

I have been teaching spoken English for over twenty years that's why I understand very well what problems the learners of a second language have to face during their learning period. This book deals with various problems of English learners and aims precisely at solving these problems and 
making their dream of speaking fluent English come true. I have written a series of two books namely

English Paradise Part-I

English Paradise Part-II

You will find all these books easy to understand. With a view to avoiding too much use of grammar, the structures of sentence making have been given top priority. A number of structures have been introduced so that you can express yourself in English without feeling tongue-tied. I would like to advise the readers of this book to study and practice the content given in the books thoroughly until they grab the things properly and achieve their goal.

After this book..

I am sure that you must have learnt a lot and english is no longer a bug-bear for you if you have gone through this book thoroughly. After you have gone through English Paradise Part-1, it is highly recommended that you go through English Paradise Part-2 that will make your English all the more effectively.

Some of the highlights of English Paradise Part-2 are given below:

  • Picture description
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Conversation techniques
  • Stories in English
  • Word building
  • Vocabulary buildings
  • Group discussion and debate
  • Idea transformation
  • Personality developmen

You must keep in mind that just going through a book is not enough to have a command over spoken English. In addition to going through English Paradise Part-1 and Part-2, you are suggested to do the following things to be an efficient English speaker.

​►Keep studying both the parts of English Paradise again and again until you grab everything thoroughly.

  • Be a good listener of English. Watch English news, English movie and listen English songs.
  • Speak English whenever you get opportunity to do so.
  • Read English as much as possible.
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