Spoken English

Foundation Programme

Our Foundation Programme is designed for the beginners who have either little knowledge of English or have no knowledge at all. It helps them to be familiar with the usage of English in their day to day life. The students are encouraged to learn the basics avoiding too much use of grammar so that their spoken English doesn't get affected. We have designed the programme in an interesting way that is easy to learn. The students are taught with the help of simple structures of English used in our day to day life.

We encourage the learners to get rid of their hesitation and boost their confidence. The students are supposed to learn useful basic structures in one and half month. Then practice session begins and tests are conducted regularly that takes two weeks. We make sure that the foundation is laid before we begin intermediate programme.

Intermediate Programme

This programme is designed for those who have acquired basic knowledge of English but find English difficult to speak. We focus on building confidence, improving pronunciation and sentence structures, developing fluency and accuracy of the learners. In our Intermediate Programme we start teaching effective structures to make their English sound impressive. Here too, we make sure that natural way of spoken English is used rather than using traditional method of cramming grammar rules to learn a secondary language.

Advance structures of making English sentences and advance English words, phrases and idioms are taught to make the learners feel more confident besides we encourage the students to speak only English in the class. Intermediate Programme lasts for one and half month. Then practice and test session commences giving miscellaneous practice of foundation and intermediate levels that lasts for two weeks.

Advance Programme

Advance Programme is meant for the students who have crossed foundation and intermediate levels and are quite good at basic structures of English and vocabulary. In this programme we focus mainly on making students speak English and creating an English speaking environment for them. We put complete ban on speaking any other language except English. We make them practice to speak English fluently and confidently.

We help the students to have a good command over spoken English. They are prepared to have a professional approach. The following classes are organized more frequently promoting the professional approach -

  • Effective English Expressions
  • Confidence Building Classes
  • Smart Classes with modern methods
  • Picture Description
  • Group Discussion and Debate
  • Presentation
  • Idea Transformation
  • Personality Development Classes
  • Interview Practice